Pokemon Black/White : North American Updates

If you’re not keen on staying fairly updated with the recent Pokemon Black/White news, then here’s a nice little update to keep you company.

  • The starter Pokemon names are : Tepig [Fire]. Snivy [Grass]. Oshawott [Water]
  • The new region has been named Unova.  [Although why Isshu was such a big “issue” is kind of strange for me..]
  • Rehiram and Zekrom will be making debuts in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade tomorrow morning!  Stick around to see the GIGANTIC renditions of the newest legendary duos.
  • The North American website has been launched.  Check back for more details as the launch date in Spring 2011 comes nearer.
  • Check out Serebii for all the up to date [and confirmed/spoiler tagged] details about the game!

Even though I already have most of the goodies from playing the Japanese version of the game, I still am GIDDY over seeing how everything pans out in America.  Especially in terms of dialog and clear character/faction details.

Source: Joystiq

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