Radiant Historia : February Localization (Update)

If you’re a big Atlus fan like I am, you probably are already well aware of their usually agonizing localization time for Enlish version of their highly successful Japanese titles.  Thankfully, Atlus is being a tad more merciful with their latest release : Radiant Historia.  The game has been announced for a US release around February.

Radiant Historia follows the tale of Special Intelligence Agent Stock, who is on a journey to use time travel in order to change the past for the better.  While I can think of at least 3 rather large plot holes with that statement alone, it looks to be a very interesting experience.

As with most Atlus releases, Radiant Historia will come with some interesting goodies.  This title will come with a CD containing piano compositions of the game’s music.

Update: Trailer added after the jump

Source:  Joystiq

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