Rare Could Develop Titles for Nintendo 3DS

While Rare hasn’t released any software on a Nintendo Home Console since StarFox Adventures on the Gamecube, thanks to now being owned by Microsoft, Rare still releases titles for Nintendo’s platforms.

Nintendo’s portables have been the home to Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, and more, thanks to Microsoft’s lack of a dedicated portable gaming system. Rare’s last title for the DS was back in 2008 with Viva Pinata’s Pocket Paradise.

So with Nintendo 3DS knocking on the door, the question has to be asked, can we expect continued support from Rare and Microsoft on Nintendo’s handhelds?

Rare’s Robin Schuurman gave us some insight on the possibility saying,
Banjo-3DSie confirmed! Although by confirmed I do mean 100% utterly speculative. We haven’t done much in the handheld ’space’ since DKR DS and Pocket Paradise – could we dip our toes in again at some point? Possibly. 3DS? Not for me to say. Bandai WonderSwan? No.

So maybe, possibly, one day. Microsoft will probably wait for the platform to build up an audience, rather than try to support it from the start. And they probably want Rare to focus on making Kinect games for right now.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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  1. It’s not like Microsoft is doing anything in the handheld market *Zing on Windows Phone 7* They might as well capitolize on the fact Nintendo does handhelds best and get their buck. I mean MS doesn’t do anything with Mac except release versions of their productivity software to cash in. Same thing.

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