Rumor: House of the Dead Overkill Sequel in the Works

SEGA’s 2009 House of the Dead Overkill was one of the first titles to challenge the Wii’s Mature market. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well. Sales were decent, but nothing stunning.

But that might not  stop SEGA from creating a sequel. Nintendolife has heard from inside sources close to SEGA that a sequel is in the works. Unfortunately, no details were disclosed. But we can speculate that, now with PlayStation Move, it may go multiplatform, or possibly not even show up on Wii.

The title was an on-rails grind house gore fest with a focus on dark humor, blood, guts, zombies, curse words and and more M rated things. The title even held the record for the most F bombs dropped in a title for a year. It was only recently overthrown by Mafia II.

It would be great to see the series to continue. Hopefully people will actually buy it this time. At one point, some numbers were floating around suggesting more copies of the game were pirated than purchased, which is just sad.