Rumor: Microsoft Planning 360 TV Service

We actually heard almost the exact same rumor earlier this year, but now it seems to have re-emerged. Yahoo has gotten some inside info that Microsoft is holding talks to have a TV channel that could be accessed via the Xbox 360.

Previously we only heard that the channel’s content would be aimed at young males. But now some more specific networks were listed. The inside sources suggested ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN and CNN  as being possibly candidates. The inside sources believe HBO and Showtime may be available as well.   Yahoo says that the service will require a monthly fee to access this channel, although its unclear if this is a separate cost or just the Xbox Live subscription fee.

While it has been over half a year since the original rumor, it still will be awhile till we see the possible fruits of this rumor. The inside sources suggested the plan was still around a full twelve months away from being implemented. Maybe we will see something at E3 2011.

(Via: CVG)

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