Rumor: Retailers Refusing to Stock Steam-Integrated PC Titles

Steam is a pretty big deal, if you didn’t know. The service has pretty much dominated the PC market the last few years, with excellent service and a massive library of old and new titles.  While retail releases are available on steam, they have always been available via in-store or other digital distribution sites.

Now titles like Black-Ops and Fallout: New Vegas are starting to integrate steam into the titles themselves. How do retailers feel about this? Well, they aren’t exactly happy. MCV reports that inside sources have claimed that at least two major retailers are threatening publishers to try to prevent Steam from being built into titles. If they do not cooperate, the retailers will cease to sell titles featuring Steam.

Of course, Steam is a major competitor in the PC market for these retailers either in-store or digital distribution. So getting more people to use it, isn’t exactly what they want. Although, with such high profile releases like Call of Duty: Black-Ops and Fallout: New Vegas being integrated, can they afford to lose these titles?

3 thoughts on “Rumor: Retailers Refusing to Stock Steam-Integrated PC Titles”

  1. This isn’t exactly helping the retailers’ cause, is it? “We’re tired of losing customers to online distribution, so we’re not going to carry the titles that people can get via online distribution anymore.”

  2. Maybe if stores would actually stock a good amount of PC games I wouldn’t go to Steam. Actually that’s a lie, I would still buy from Steam just because of their incredible sales.

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