Sketchin'!! – Ornate Rock-of-the-Rock

Hey kids! Now for something slightly different!

Live in the Minneapolis area? Love rhythm games? Want to help out a great art gallery? Have a grudging tolerance towards my art? Then attend the Rock Band tournament to benefit Altered Esthetics art gallery! It”s on November 12th, from 9:00pm to midnight! Have fun playing Rock Band and maybe even buy some art to help out the gallery! As you know, Toast and I went to Minneapolis to record our notorious podcast and generally cause trouble. Some folks expressed dismay at not being able to see the show, but online casino this will be your chance to meet Lemon from that very podcast and find out that yes, he”s really like that in real life. So what does any of this have to do with any of us? Well, I actually have two pictures in the showing, and you can buy one of them! Yes, this is your chance to get one of my posters outside of a TSG marathon, and all for an awesome gallery. YAY HELPING!

So, want to know what the art looks like? Just look under the cut!


4 thoughts on “Sketchin'!! – Ornate Rock-of-the-Rock”

      1. Oh wow, that’s a tough one. Chuggaconroys are great, their ability to analize an opponent and find it’s weakness just from their own memory is very good. You follow that up with another TSGer that has type advantage and you’ll never loose, but Toasts… Toasts are alot of fun just to have around and are hard to give up.

        Tell you what, how about I breed my Toast with this high IV’s Ditto. Then you can get a newly hatched Toast, with above average IV’s and untainted by my failure to properly EV train, and I’ll take your extra Chuggaaconroy?

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