Some New Details on Valkyria Chronicles 3

A week ago SEGA held a Valkyria Chronicles 3 event in Japan that gave the Japanese press an early look at the official game demo set for release on PlayStation Network this week. The event included some Q&A with questions asked by the audience and from the internet and twitter feeds.

Check out some of the Q&A after the jump.

Kurt Irving – the protagonist:

Kurt Irving is the protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles 3 and is part of the “Nameless” squad. This is a unit that performs “off-the-record” operations that the Gallian army cannot. Members of the Nameless (AKA Squard 422) are referred to by number, rather than name. We aren’t sure of why Kurt is part of the nameless but we know he wants out. We are told he is cool-headed but at the same time has the feel of an ideologist and he is a man of strong principles.

Will there be multiple endings?

Someone asked whether or not the game would feature multiple endings but this question was dodged without a definite yes or no. Instead they jokingly replied that they are not trying to create a dating sim but rather an element of human relationships within  the Valkyria series.

Will the Gassenarl family be seen?

The Gassenarl family are the ones who led the Gallian Revolutionary Army in Valkyria Chronicles 2. But since VC3 takes place before VC2, people were wondering would they feature in this title. To this we were told that although this stonry stands by itself we will see stepping stones leading to the Gassenarls warped ideals, the details to these however were not specified.

Save data from Valkyria 1 & 2?

Valkyria Chronicles 3 can import save data not only from VC2, but from VC1 as well. Just like you could in VC2 to unlock Isara. You can also import save data from the demo so don’t delete your save files.

Why no PS3?

Naturally people are asking why the sequels aren’t being brought out on the PS3 since VC1 was. We are told that platform selection is done with utmost care each time and that the method the games development is to bring the game to the optimum platform at the time and to look beyond when producing a game after it.


  • You can switch between Easy and Normal modes within the game but not furing battle.
  • VC3 doesn’t have a Hard mode but it does have Hard missions you can play.
  • You will be able to perform a 800 MB install for the game which is highly reccommended to reduce loading times.

(Source: Siliconera)

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