Starbreeze is now Machine Games and are Working With Zenimax Now

You may not have ever heard of Starbreeze before but they have done some incredible work with licensed properties. Their first big one being the Chronicles of Riddick game which arguably was better than the movie and the fantastic “The Darkness” based on the comic of the same name. The most impressive part of what they do is both bringing the world’s to life and combining first person shooter gameplay with a bit of adventure to make the game reflect their properties well.

Many of the former members of that studio have now formed Machine Games and are going to be working along side Zenimax. Zenimax has been making tons of aqquisitions lately and now has Bethesda, Id, Shinji Mikami, and Machine Games under their control. I can only hope there will be some sharing and mingling between these companies because engine sharing and swapping design ideas could create some really fantastic games.

(Source: 1up)

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