The Last Story Features Competitive and Cooperative Online Play

When it comes to traditional RPGs, online play definitely isn’t the first feature to come to mind. Outside of MMORPGs, there are only a handful of traditional RPGs with online components. Nintendo’s platforms are also not exactly online power houses. So it is kind of strange to say this, but The Last Story features six player online co-op and competitive play.

You may saying, ‘ how in the heck does this work!?’ Well, players meet up in the game’s online “Raid Lobby,” where players can decide between cooperative or competitive play. Cooperative play has players teaming up to take down a large monster. Competitive play has players battling in an arena. For these battles, it seems players choose a character of the main cast, and not create a character. It sounds like a mix of Monster Hunter and traditional competitive gameplay.

Unfortunately, not much else has been announced. It will definitely be interesting to see exactly how well the multi-player is executed. Aside from Mario Kart, The Conduit, Monster Hunter Tri and a few other titles, Wii’s online just hasn’t been very popular. But I guess we still have to wait and see if the title even comes to North America or Europe.

(Source: andriasang)

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