Way of the Samurai 4

So Spike and Acquire are teaming up yet again for part 4 in the Way of the Samurai series.

This game is set in a harbour town back when Japan first opened it’s doors to foreigners and focuses on 3 main groups who compete for control: the government through Hikaru Kotobuki, the isolationalists through Reddo Akagi and the foreigners through Jet Jenkins. There are 3 selections of characters: youth, young man and middle aged man.

The game will include a mix of story, combat and event scenes just like the previous titles except this one claims to be longer. The event scenes will contain more elements and the combat promises some major changes from past entries but details are being kept quiet.

Just like all the others, part 4 will be out on the PS3 first, being released this Winter in Japan. Although there has not been a date set for the xbox 360 version or for anywhere outside of Japan, but it will come soon.

(Source: IGN)

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