Wii Music Sequel in the Works?

If there was a low point in Nintendo history in recent years, many will point to Wii’s line-up in holiday season 2008. The end of the year featured a lack of high profile releases and introduced Wii Music, which some consider to be Shigeru Miyamoto’s worst creation.

But that won’t stop Miyamoto. In a recent interview, Miyamoto breifly spoke about his thoughts for a sequel to Wii Music. “There’s a lot of potential still in Wii Music, I think. Because we’re going to change it up, a new interface is coming, and all of that.” The interviewer responded “Wow, I think that’s breaking news, then.” Afterward, Miyamoto said nothing to deny it.

While it could have been a translation issue, with comments like “we’re going to change it up” definitely makes it sound like there are concrete plans to work on the title.

The original title sold well, but couldn’t compared to other titles under the Wii franchise name.  I’m curious, for those who picked up the title, did you like what Wii Music had to offer? Would adding new features be enough to bring you back for a sequel?

(Source: Eurogamer)

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  1. What I think would make Wii Music a good game would be more control of the arrangement and actual melodies going into a song. If you could mix and match melodies, chords, and whatnot, you would be able to create your own remixes of songs rather then just changing how fast or slow the notes are played.

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