3DS Supports Up to 8GB Cartridges

The 3DS’s catridges may look like your average, every day Nintendo DS catridge. But inside, the 3DS’s stomach for data is much much larger.

The 3DS’s Catridges are set to blow the DS’s out of the water offering 1 to 8 gigabytes of storage, compared to the Nintendo DS’s largest cartridge which held up to  4 gigabits (512 megabytes).

The cartridge’s manufacture, Macronix, is currently only producing the 1GB model. But we should be seeing larger and larger cartridges throughout the 3DS’s life span. And by the end of the life-span, we may be seeing titles with the similar amounts of data storage as a dual layered DVD, which the Xbox 360 and Wii still use. Until then, hopefully developer’s use their new found space wisely.

(Source: GoNintendo)
(Via: NintendoLife)

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