600 Million Hours Logged on COD: Black Ops

I’m not sure if we should be proud or ashamed of this.

According to data gathered, it appears that in the 45 days since Call of Duty: Black Ops has been released, gamers around the world have logged a collective total of 600 Million hours.  Compared to Halo: Reach, in a similar [yet flawed] determination was under half of that total.  This averages out for nearly 87 minutes a day for the 20 million players around the world.

Activision also recently announced that the total number of online users currently active outnumbered the viewing audience of the LOST season finale on ABC.

This might explain why so many of my friends stopped showing up to class.

Source: Destructoid

4 thoughts on “600 Million Hours Logged on COD: Black Ops”

  1. hahaha! wow!
    i also saw something while playing it(iv only spent a few hours[9-13]) on it so far) saying that collectivly, CoD:BO payers had walked enough times to circle the earth over 234,000 times, or something like that. i laughed like crazy because i didnt doubt it but found the wording slightly amusing as well.

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