After Four Months of waiting patiently: Tales of Xillia is finally announced

On August 18th of this year (AKA my 17th Birthday), Namco posted a teaser website for an upcoming Tales of game showing gorgeous concept art and a countdown stating that the next game would be announced 120 days from then. 120 days later, we have Tales of Xillia. Namco trademarked Zestia, Faithus and Xillia as possible names. Zestia left a sour taste in people’s mouth and Faithus was removed on divine intervention later to leave Xillia as the final title. A trailer has been posted on Namco’s site along with a couple of static screenshots from the game. Famitsu have also posted news bout the game as well as a few other detiled being confirmed at the Tales of 15th anniversary party today. Join me after the jump to see what all the fuss is about.

Source: (Abyssal Chronicles Thanks Pants!)

The two main characters of the game are the male protagonist: Jude Marthis and the female protagonist: Mira Maxwell. Jude is a student at a medical school trying to become a doctor (If only Atlus would publish this, Oh the hilarity!) and Jude is an element spiritguide who controls the four elements of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth (Tales of games wouldn’t be Tales of games without Clichés). This Tales of is featuring a Sonic Adventure 2 / Persona 3 Portable esque idea in that you can control one of the two characters and the game will change dramatically according to the character chosen. The game will utilise the Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System (DRLMBS) which spcialises in dual combot and the gae will take place in a world only known as Liese Maxia. For anyone interested, I’ll leave the first trailer (Now Subbed!) and the initial Famitsu scan here for you (Aren’t I nice?)

The game will be avaliable in Japan sometime next year however, as usual, No word about any possibility of this being released overseas.

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