Arcana Heart 3 coming to Europe

For anyone who doesn’t know, Arcana Heart 3 is part of a fighting game series created by Examu. The series mainly derives from elty Blood with it’s fast paced fighting, large focus on momentum and an interesting roster of characters (Even if all of them are female). Arcana Heart 1 was only released In JP and NA with the first game containing a selection between the original mode and FULL! mode which fixes a lot of the bugs in the arcade release for AH1 (Even if those bugs lead to some interesting gamplay mechanics). The second game in the series was released in Japan only However Examu were critisised by fans of the series for adding bugs and glitches not present in the arcade (They then let anyone who bought a bad copy to have it replaced free of charge a la Tales of Graces).

The trade publication MCVuk has surprisingly announced Arcana Heart 3 for a UK release despite the first two installments never making it to European shores. The title is being picked up by PQube who has distributed Castle of Shikigami III and Theresia in the US. They will also be assisted by Zen United in releasing the game (Pros: Awesome Limited Editions, Cons: Won’t be release til late 2055)

Source: (MCVuk)

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