Burnout DS and Wii Exsisted Now It’s Cancelled

Apparently EA was going to put out another Burnout Game for DS and Wii called Freestyle. All we have are some mockups that Gamekyo dug up, but it’s still interesting to hear about games that were never announced and were then cancelled. I can’t imagine it would have been anything like the other full console burnout titles, but I always like to see developer’s get creative when they are forced to deal with the limitations of a platform. I would also love to know if Criterion ever had anything to do with this title or if it was an outsourced game.

You can check out a gallery of mockups here at Gamekyo.


One thought on “Burnout DS and Wii Exsisted Now It’s Cancelled”

  1. This is a good thing that it was never made, after the last burnout ds fiasco, yeah I don’t need another. However, if we are talking 3ds, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, there is a chance for a much more full burnout experience.

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