CAVE announcing three new games in February

In a blog post by CAVE’s CEO Makoto Asada, He confirms the return of their yearly announcement show (different from CAVEfest) in which he will announce at least three new games. CAVE’s been rather busy with their projects, They released DoDonPachi: Resurrection last month, GUWAAAAAAAANGE on XBLA as well as releasing a patch for Mushihimesama Bug Panic on the Iphone and they are rereleasing Pink Sweets and Much Muchi Pork (Both made by Shinobu Yagawa who made Battle Garegga) on the Xbox360 (It’s region free don’t you know?). Not muc is known about any new releases though. The biggest rumour is that CAVE are releasing Dangun Feveron on XBLA sometime next year, probably to captialize of the “success” of GUWAAAAAAAANGE. CAVE’s last new release was Akai Katana which is due for a home port sometime soon as well. The last game could probably be an entirely new project which has had no official word as of yet. Either way, more details will be announced in February.

Source: (Andriasang)

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