Chrono Cross coming to Japanese PSN

After MUCH harassing from fans everywhere and to celebrate to celebrate the 20,000th follower of Sony’s Japanese Twitter account, Sony has finally caved in and announced the PSN release that everyone has been waiting for ever since PS1 downloads were announced as being avalaible for PSN: Chrono Cross. Squeenix said the announcement was long overdue and tat this was the perfect time to announce it. Unfortunatly, this release has only been confirmed for Japan so far. There is a large backlog of excellent PS1 games that are avalaible on JP PSN that have not been brought out overseas (Einhander, Rakugaki Showtime, Policenauts and Suikoden II to name a few) however perhaps if the demand is great enough then an overseas release may be possible (It may even be in the works right now.Probably best to bug Square Enix for good measure).

Source: (JoyStiq)

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  1. If they don’t release to US, I say we all contact FoxNews and tell them the latest Squeenix title involves shooting American civilians in a fantasy world by using Middle Eastern magic and dragons. >;D

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