El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron battle system revealed

During the Tokyo Game Show, a playable demo of El Shaddai was displayed demonstrating the gameplay for the first time. The “beta testers” were interested in the rather simplistic yet layered mechanics of combat. Unfortunatly, the deo was too short to fullyeplain the intricate combat system in question. Well, curtesy of Siliconera, the fine details have been revealed. See more after the jump

Source: (Siliconera)

It is already known that Enoch does not carry his own weapon but instead uses his enemies weapons against him. There is more to this than meets the eye though. The weapons the fallen angel carry are as corrupt as the angels themselves. This requires Enoch to “purify” the weapons before their use which could add an interesting strategy to it (reminds me of charging the beam-saber in No More Heroes). The weapon most familiar to people who have seen El Shaddai previously is the Arch. The Arch works as a standard blade that allows the ability to glide after a jump. The Gale is a speedy weapon that can be used to attack from a distance as well a set up quick counter attacks as well as the ability to dash through enemies. The final weapon, entitled ‘The Veil” can be used to crsh enemes with however it can also double up as a shield. There’s a Rock, Paper, Scissors system in place with the weapons. For example, the Gale can hurt enemies that the Arch can’t reach however it is useless against the veil due to the block potential which the arch can get through due to the stance of the veil taken. Either way, the game will be released in Japan ths spring with no western release date confirmed at the time of writing.

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