Final Fantasy IV and The After Years Heading to PSP

In case you already don’t already have enough versions of Final Fantasy IV to choose from, Final Fantasy IV is being remade for the PlayStation Portable! If you have already picked up the DS one, then you should still probably take a look at this title. The PSP release will feature revamped 2D graphics and an all new scenario.

This scenario links Final Fantasy IV to the episodic sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years which will also be included on the UMD. Other details have yet to be announced.

Fun story, I actually just beat Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS. It is cool to see this, and if I ever do get a PSP, I might consider picking it up. It is a nice alternative to the huge bill that Final Fantasy IV: The After Years produces after purchasing all of the episodes on WiiWare.

You can check out the scan from V Jump magazine, after the break.

(Source: andriasang)

(Magazine Scan Via: Kotaku)

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  1. I’ve been considering getting a PSP for a while now, so I guess this another reason for me to do so. I recently played this game for the first time on the GBA, and thought about trying the DS version eventually. I think I might just wait for this one instead. I’m digging the enhanced 2D graphics.

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