Hatsune Miku on Kinect!!!

The genius’s on the internet have adapted the vocaloid music program MikuMikuDance to be compatable with Microsfot Kinect. The music video maker for the PC has been adapted to work with Open NI which allows real time skeleton tracing that can be monitered using the Kinect. This means you can plug the Kinect into a computer and make Hatsune Miku dance to your movements. For those who have no idea of who Hatsune Miku (Impossible, I know), Hatsune Miku was the flagshp mascot or SEGA’s vocaloid program which allowed synthisised music to be placed through chiptune and the mascot: Hatsune Miku could be used to add vocals if necessary. This was then expanded upon in the Project DIVA series which was a fusion of Konami’s Benami series and Miku’s own songs which proved highly popular in Japan (understatement of the year). Footage after the jump (It still needs work as you can see).

Source: (Siliconera)

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