IGN and Gamestop Advertising Merger

It was recently announced that the hit internet gaming website, IGN and the hit gaming sales company, Gamestop, have officially merged together for a better advertising program.  What exactly it was created for is currently uknown, but several things have already been announced to keep gamers from their tendency of harrassing the in-boxes of the major gaming companies.

1) IGN will begin representing Gamestop’s online sales [alongside a new form of online advertising].

2) Content from IGN will begin appearing alongside Gamestop’s website.

3) GameStop will still be required to purchase ad-space at IGN.

4)   Traffic between the two sites will be merged.

5)  [Apparently] Each side will be gaining new forms of markets from the deal, thus making both sides of the transaction beneficial.

Source:  PaulGaleNetwork

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