Kaos, Homefront and Contraversy

If you’re a frequent viewer of FoxNews or the USA Today, then you might have seen Kaos’s latest game development project Homefront, which was featured as a somewhat “contraversial” gameplay because of its plot.

Homefront takes place in a futuristic America, where the Greater Korea Republic has overrun the country and taken total command of the populace after a series of almost “too real” situations to our own current world events.

So what does the development company have to say about all this?

“I think it depends on the tone and depth of the controversy…  When you’re dealing with portraying real events, with real people that the public currently has a personal and emotional attachment to, there are sensitivities there that need to be respected and avoided.  But when creating speculative fiction, that is based decades in the future, it’s just that, it’s fiction…  Obviously, getting talked about in mainstream media is good for product awareness, but you don’t want it to be critical or inaccurate.  If the result is a discussion of the fictional ideas and intellectual debate, that’s fine and healthy. Frontlines was also built from a ‘what-if’ scenario centered around peak oil, and the energy wars that could result when our finite supply of oil is no longer able to sustain our oil dependent existence. In that game, America and its Allies were fighting to control oil reserves in the Caspian Sea, which one could argue — and some have — that it puts America in a negative light; but it’s a story!”  – General Manager Dave Votypka

So now we just have to wait for the rest of the journalism peanut gallery to have their say in the situation.  I’ve got ten bucks on “It’s corrupting our youth!  Think of the violent children!”

Source:  Destructoid

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  1. You should try watching an show that aired in the UK on Monday; ‘Panorama – Addicted to Video Games’. It was hilariously uninformed and biased. Thought I’d mention it since it’s somewhat related to this.

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