KH Marathon Wrap up

What a marathon! With over $5,000 left to raise and under 24 hours left to go in our Kingdom Heart’s marathon, a lot of people thought it was impossible to reach our goal. In the end, we raised over $10,000 for and surpassed our goal.

The move to proved to be a success. We reached viewer amounts that we have not seen since the Mario Marathon, and we were able to reach our goal even with the 48 hours of technical issues that we had with paypal. We are still working with to make sure everyone is able to view us. We are thinking up ways on our end so that people with lower download speeds and various computer setups can view us with less difficulty. I think by the Pokemon marathon we will have everything resolved.

Each day behind the scenes was filled with monopoly,campfires,  smores, cards and other shenanigans. It was a lot of fun meeting the community  members and hanging out with them for the weekend.

Everyone who took part in the marathon should be very proud. Without the promotion or viewers we could not have done it. I say this a lot but it needs to be said again; We have the best community on the interwebs!

See you guys this Spring!

18 thoughts on “KH Marathon Wrap up”

  1. Britt, thank you for hosting it. Chances are if you hadn’t hosted these marathons, this money probably wouldn’t have gone through to them. Anyway, I can’t wait to see you guys in the Spring. Bring back Stella and Oscar! =D POKÈMON FTW!

  2. I would have to say this was an amazing marathon. I can’t believed we came back I was so happy when I found out 😀 I think the ending of this marathon was one of the best.

  3. Personally, I think you should have practiced a bit more with Re:CoM, but other then that, It was a pretty good marathon.

    Hope your next marathons are even better then the last!

  4. for what i was there for i enjoyed it thoroughly. it was amazing seeing one of my favorite series being played to its fullest (despite all the repetive pwnages >_< jk). In all seriousness though amazing job and i cannot wait until the next marathon.

  5. For what I did see of the marathon, it was fun. I did have quite a bit of trouble with internet speeds and ended up having to watch on justintv instead of tsg :(. May I suggest the edition of a quality control much akin to what is on justintv? Also the lack of true private messaging hurts the experience quite a bit, so may I also suggest a way to have justintv as the feed, but ustream as the chat. I’ve seen it doen before on sites like toonamiaftermath with no problems. Sure there is the whole confusing “Which chat do I go to be seen by tsg?” thing, but I bet you guys could figure this all out somehow.

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