Legend of Zelda : Interesting Mosiacs

If you’re into sprites.  Ok, if you’re REALLY into sprites, then this should definitely be an interesting image-fest for you.  After the jump, check out two AMAZING artistic renditions of Link and Zelda, created by an artist using only sprites from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

I certainly hope that there was some sort of program involved with rendering these images [they’re nearly 7 MB a piece], because if this is photo-shopped by hand, I would probably jump out of a window in sheer amazement.  Ok, it’d be just a one-story window and into a nice cushy pillow pile, but my statement stands.

Source:  Destructoid

One thought on “Legend of Zelda : Interesting Mosiacs”

  1. It’s not as impressive as you make it sound. Most mosaics I’ve seen retain the true colors, or very nearly close to it, in each of the little pictures. These just use several different screens and recolor them to fit the purpose.

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