Major Sonic Announcements In Early 2011

In an interview with Alex Pritchard, VP of marketing and sales of SEGA with Game Informer, He said that “Two or Thre big anouncemets regarding th frachise will be announced early 2011”. He also admits that he feels guilty of releasing too many titles to the market without allowing the titles to be refined before being released. He explains SEGA’s strategy of dealing with Sonic by showing the strong sales and positive reception of Sonic 4 Episode 1 (Which will have it’s second episode released soon and then the 3rd ep will never be released A la Valve/Shenmue). He also mentioned Sonic Colours saying it was the highest pre-selling pure Sonic game the company has ever has. Finaly he mentioned Sonic Free Riders which was made to promote Microsoft’s Kinect (Who would have guessed). It seems like SEGA is being more careful with its most popular IP. Though only time will tell if this gambit pays of.

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