Mass Effect 3 Hitting PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 Same Day

This may be unsuprising considering the work EA is putting into the upcoming Mass Effect 2 port, but it is interesting considering how big of an Xbox exclusive this game started out being. I can safely say it wasen’t Halo, but Mass Effect  that made me get a 360. Mass Effect is a fantastic Sci-Fi universe up there with the likes of Star Trek for me, and the series has been, like many other Bioware classics, based around player choice.

The original game boasted that the character transfer to the second game would be significant in it’s effect and they did not lie. The choices made in one have some pretty major effects on the world you adventure through in two. It looks like next Holiday anyone with an HD capable console or decent PC will be able to enjoy Bioware’s Opus.

The funny thing is that while it may be coming to all three console the character transfer capabilities have all but confirmed that I will own the trilogy on 360.


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