Namco Bandai Give Up all Hope of Appealing to Western Gamers

In a move that has taken NO-ONE by by storm, After any years of speculation (And you know, lack of them trying) Namdai annonced that they will be halting all overseas development. The CEO of Namdai said that their overseas developers were suppoed to “appeal to Americans” (Nice of them to see take full attention of Europe) however… “In the end it was all no good”. The idea was to get their foreign companies to make games that suited the American culture (Most noticeably of these games is Enslaved) and by creating games to appeal to only Japan however the former of these strategis is clerly not working for them. This lead to the ASTONISHING reveation by Namdai that:

“For a game to really sell, whether in Japan, America, or Europe, if the head office doesn’t think it’s fun it’s impossible.”

This revelation that Fun = Good Game is also a decision that has caused Namdai to state that: “We’ll be stopping all overseas development. It’s mostly stopped already.” This decision has no bearing on whether Namco Bandai of Japan themselves bring over their developed title (Soul Calibur, Tekken, Tales of) however Namdai is also experiencing large profits losses especially with their margins in the overseas audience. They originally predicted that 50% of their income would arrive from overseas gamers copared with 23% the year before however with this recent news it seems those demand haven’t been met (Unless 10 million copies of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World get bought before New Year’s day).

Source: (Sankaku Complex)

2 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Give Up all Hope of Appealing to Western Gamers”

  1. Might wanna proof read this article one more time.

    I’m not sure if this is good or bad. I’d say its good if they’re going to stop thinking that Americans and Europeans have no interest in Japanese made games and vice versa.

    1. The article it was based on was more confusing to read than you might think.

      And it’s good in that it increases the chance of Namco localising their Japanese series (Tales of, Venus & Braves) but it’s bad as they are getting less profit from cutting their overseas shipments).

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