New Column: Gimme Five!

Tomorrow I will debut my column, Gimme Five! It will be a weekly selection of five things centered around a theme. Also it will be funny. Here’s a detailed and thorough FAQ to answer any lingering questions!

Q: Will it mostly be about video games?

A: Yes!

Q: Will it ever be about anything else?

A: Maybe!

Q: Will an article ever have more than five things?

A: No!

Q: When will you post new articles?

A: Thursdays!

Q: What does the title mean?

A: Obvious!

I hope that answers all your questions. Tune in tomorrow to this internet channel for my first article!

8 thoughts on “New Column: Gimme Five!”

  1. Yes! It’s weird I remember you mentioning this to Britt and just remembered it again yesterday. All that said good luck Toast and I’m positive this will be a fine addition to the website. I can’t wait to see what you planned for us.

  2. Sheesh, they’ll give anyone write access the blog. I might as well just ask Britt to give me posting power rather than sending those Secret Project files to him for posting next year. (You know it’s a real secret project cause it’s capitalized)

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