New Tales of game announced next week

As many of you know, Namco has been pretty secretive in releasing info for their next main Tales of Game (Grace F was released last week and Radiant Mythology 3 will be released on the PSP and PSN Febuary 29th). So this is probably a good time to remind all Tales of fans that Namco will finally unveil the mysteries of their next mothership title. Detaisare scarce about the game other than Namco have trademarked “Tales of Zestia”, “Tales of Xillia” and “Tales of Faithus” More details will be released December 16th 8am GMT (That’s 1pm EST if my Time Zone knowledge is correct).

Source: (Siliconera)

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    1. Graces F was a port, Radiant Mythology 3 is part of their continuing series but this is a brand new main game title.

      If Graces F was New Super Mario Bros Wii, and Radiant Mythology 3 was Mario Kart Wii, then Faithus is Super Mario Galaxy

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