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Hello again! How has your Obligatory Ice Level Day been so far? Have you been spreading cheer? YOU BETTER BE! Get out there and make someone happy! Anyway, today we’re jumping to a completely different era of gaming. Yesterday I showed you a fairly recent  and well-known Nintendo DS game, now it’s time to look at an ancient and obscure PC game! It’s Alpinia, from The Legend of Kyrandia, Book Two: The Hand of Fate!

Now you’re probably thinking “the legendawhahuh?” but don’t be fooled; Kyrandia was a great series. They were old point-and-click adventure games, and rather silly ones at that. But unlike many games in that genre, there weren’t a lot of ways to unfairly kill yourself or unwittingly ruin your game by using the wrong items at the wrong time.  In this game, the land of Kyrandia starts to disappear, and Zanthia the alchemist sets out to fix things. A giant cartoony glove tells her how to save the kingdom, but someone’s wrecked her lab, forcing her to mix potions with whatever she finds along the way. And while it doesn’t seem like a big deal these days, Kyrandia 2 was noteworthy for having a woman as the main character. Back then if you wanted to play as a woman, you had few options. In another timeline, Zanthia would be as well-known as Samus. Let’s get on that, people!

Anyway, Alpinia is in a huge, forested, mountainous land. Zanthia even reaches the area by riding a big ski lift. When she gets there, she changes into her winter attire, signifying the start of the chapter. Zanthia realizes that she needs some mountain-climbing gear to progress, but unfortunately the two mountaineers in the local lodge don’t take her seriously enough to help her. They say they’re hunting a yeti, so Zanthia whips up a yeti transformation potion to scare them. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work out; she does turn into a yeti, but it’s a thin, girly yeti. The hunters laugh at her until the REAL abominable snow man shows up, having fallen in love with yeti-Zanthia. He drags her over to his lair, which is decked out in a cheesy lounge motif. Zanthia changes back to her human form, but still needs to find a way out. She then decides to mix up a new transformation potion and waits for the hunters to show up. Upon their arrival, she throws the potion at them, turning them into yetis, at which point the abominable snow man drags them away. With the hunters gone, Zanthia can take the mountain-climbing gear and reach the Rainbow Room, which can generate a rainbow bridge to the next area of the game. GO ZANTHIA GO!… though there seem to be a lot of yetis in OILD this year. Are they taking over??

Naturally we need a wallpaper here! I guess Zanthia and the abominable snow man have put their differences aside. The full resolution is here!

HECK YEAH MUSIC! Unfortunately nobody’s uploaded Alpinia’s music to Youtube 🙁 So to make up for it, here’s Arctic Caverns, from Battletoads! Such an awesome old chiptune.

HECK YEAH REMIX! Today’s remix is the catchy and way cool Ice Cave Dynamo, by none other than Joshua Morse! The beat to this so addictive. If it doesn’t get stuck in your head and make you happy it’s there, then you’re just allergic to fun. It’s also part of the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2010 soundtrack, so pick up the whole darn soundtrack while you’re at it!

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