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HEYOOO! Day 2 of Obligatory Ice Level Day is upon us! Did you know there’s an OILD Facebook page? There is! There’s also a thread about it in the forums! Why not get into the spirit and post about it? Anyway, I figured you all need a dose of what’s to come. See, OILD can feature incredibly popular games… or rather obscure ones. So here’s a silly level from a silly game. It’s Arctic Land, from Kid Dracula!

In Japan, this was a Famicom title called Akumajo Special: Boku Dracula-kun (“Demon Castle Special: I’m Dracula-kun”). In America, we got a Game Boy port called Kid Dracula. It was more or less the same game, but this screenshot is in glorious color! Anyway, this was a self-parody of the Castlevania series, and features a cheerful young Dracula fighting an adorable version of the giant lizard-beast Galamoth.

This is the 4th stage of Kid Dracula, and it’s rather goofy. You fight dudes in parkas who throw popsicles at you! You fight silly-looking seals! You fight ice skaters! Because that’s what Castlevania’s all about, right? Actually, this stage marks the first appearance of the Frozen Half enemy, which returned in the slightly-more-serious Symphony of the Night. The boss of the stage is Rahab, who actually also appears in Dawn of Sorrow. And to think these monsters originated in THIS weirdness! Also, you fight snowmen in fezzes. Because Japanese people love snowmen in fezzes. Now, those of you who “KNOW THE CULTURE” and “ACTUALLY SPEAK THE LANGUAGE” will tell me “YOU IDIOT, THAT’S NOT A FEZ IT IS A BUCKET AS A HAT.” I know this because I have been told that many times. BUT I WILL STAND MY GROUND, I ASSUMED IT WAS A FEZ AS A KID AND I WILL DIE ASSUMING IT IS A FEZ. Hm? What’s that? Wallpaper? Oh fine.

Kid Dracula himself! Frolicking with parka-pop guy, Rahab, and a snowman IN A FEZ. Get the full version here! You know you wanna.

Also it’s kind of funny that Scruff mentioned this game to me on Steam about 30 minutes before I made this post. YOU ARE PSYCHIC I GUESS.

Oh right, and music! Here’s The Ice Mountain, from Kid Dracula! And why not, let’s throw in Sno, Yell “Oh!” from Skullmonkeys. Because we need more silliness in this silly fake holiday.

And of course we need a remix! So here’s Slalomicide, by Mazedude! It’s a remix from the game Slalom, which these days is probably about as obscure as Kid Dracula.

WHAT SHALL THE FUTURE HOLD FOR OILD? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT! Don’t forget to tweet/post this holiday all over the place! Let’s let everyone in on the fun! Hey, Konami has a Twitter! Why not let them know about Kid Dracula being featured in the holiday? It wouldn’t hurt to tip off Kotaku with the URL to the OILD site and the TSG blog, either!

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Akumajo Special: Boku Dracula-kun

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  1. Awesome! I don’t remember the ice level being in the gameboy version, there’s a cloud level and that’s as close as it gets I would say. Also I think I only mentioned the game because whenever someone says “Megaman” and “Castlevania” in the same sentence to me I think of this.

    Does anyone else have this game? Even if you’re not a Castlevania fan, it plays a lot like a Megaman game and it’s really fun.

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