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Man, getting ever closer to TSG’s Kingdom Hearts marathon! I’m getting more hyped by the day. How about you all? And to celebrate how hyped I am, we should have a huge post! From a huge series! A series rather close to my heart. Today’s level is Chill Man’s stage, from Mega Man 10!

HECK YEAH GIANT IMAGE seriously I couldn’t find an original-resolution screenshot of this to save my life. ARGH. Anyway, Mega Man 10 is of course the latest installment of the classic Mega Man series. It has an awesome retro look that Capcom brought back in Mega Man 9 and that, quite honestly, made me squeal with delight when I first saw it. Mega Man games usually don’t have much of a story beyond “Mega Man is freaking awesome and shoots down robots,” but in MM10 there’s a mysterious “roboenza” virus that’s causing robots to go haywire. Mega Man decides to put a stop to it, and wouldn’t you know? That plan involves hunting down themed robots, stealing their powers, and using those powers against other themed robots. JUST LIKE I LIKES IT!

Chill Man’s stage recalls other ice levels in earlier Mega Man games. There’s snow everywhere, there are giant ice blocks you can destroy with your weapons, and robot snowmen that throw their heads at you. Later in the stage, you jump through a blizzard as several enemies try to break the very ice blocks that serve as bridges over bottomless pits. Chill Man himself can be a handful if you’re not prepared. He may slide around the room, leap at you, or shoot his signature weapon Chill Spike. If it hits you, it’ll freeze you. If it hits the floor or wall, it creates spikes that’ll hurt you if you touch them. He can also leap into the center of his room and form Chill Spikes around him. Solar Man’s weapon Solar Blaze is the most effective weapon against him.

Chill Man himself. Get the full wallpaper right here, but watch out for that Chill Spike!

So, do we have music? OH YES LOTS AND LOTS OF MUSIC. First up is Ice Man from Mega Man! Next, Blizzard Man from Mega Man 6! And here’s Freeze Man from Mega Man 7! And Frost Man from Mega Man 8! And Cold Man from Rockman & Forte/Mega Man & Bass! And of course, Chill Man from Mega Man 10!

And remixes? OH YES WHY WOULDN’T WE? Here’s Flurry of the Frozen Fury, a remix of Blizzard Man’s theme by Vurez! And Frosty Delight, a remix of Frost Man by DjChako! Oh and of course we have Frost Bossa, a remix of Frost Man by Joshua Morse, that was on the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2009 soundtrack! You should get that in addition to the OILD 2010 album! YAY!

Oh yes, and you should definitely tweet to Capcom about Chill Man’s place in OILD. Capcom was a huge help during last year’s Resident Evil marathon, so they’ll totally want to hear about this! Let Capcom Unity know too! SERIOUSLY THIS WILL HELP OUT A TON SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD K??

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2 thoughts on “OILD – Chill Man”

  1. AH! So many Megaman songs at once! Anyway great job on the picture. Ever since I got Megaman 10 it’s been great. Chill Man has always been one of my more favorite of the MM10 bosses. Although he always gives me the chills when fighting him.

  2. And we can’t forget Chill Penguin, and Crystal Snail, and Blizzard Buffalo, and Frost Walrus, and MMX5 had dumb names, and Blizzard Wolfang, and Avalanche Yeti, and….*head explodes*

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