OILD – Frozen Grounds

Day 6 of OILD and things are–well, not HEATING UP per se–uh but anyway. Time to get hardcore. If you can”t push through and do some good for someone, then get out there and help folks, even if it isn”t easy! AWKWARD SEGUE INTO TODAY”S LEVEL: It”s Frozen Grounds, from Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard!

Oh this game. Ohhh this game. This maddening game. Anyone who says “there are no hardcore games anymore!” should try these out. The Etrian Odyssey games are dungeon crawlers; you walk around on a huge dungeon map and discover anything from awesome treasure to deadly monsters. The twist here is that in this series, you have to draw your own map of the dungeon, adding to the challenge. Also the games are just difficult in general. Etrian Odyssey 2″s story revolves around a quest to find a floating castle via a gigantic labyrinth composed of many floors. And some of these floors are icy!

Floors 11-15 in this massive labyrinth are labeled “Frozen Grounds.” The backgrounds are all wintery, and your footstep sound effects are even replaced with a crunching snow sound! HOW CUTE. There are even some classic “slide around on the tiles オンライン カジノ until you reach one that”s not icy” puzzles, just like in Pokémon. The higher floors also have thin ice that can”t be crossed until nightfall, when it”s colder and the ice is thicker. You can also let your party take a nap on those floors but uhh… as a note, it”s generally not a good idea to sleep out in the cold during the night. Jus” sayin”.

Yay wallpaper! Three Etrian Odyssey monsters (Clawbug, Fishman, Snowsoul) dance around the all-important map! Download the full version here!

Don”t worry, you don”t have to be a hardcore dungeon explorer to get today”s music! Though I suppose it wouldn”t hurt. Here we have Frozen Grounds, from Etrian Odyssey 2! But that”s not all! Here”s Take the Snow Train, from NiGHTS: Into Dreams!

And lucky for all of you, today”s remix is super-special! It”s The Polar Express, by DCT! This is the first track on the Obligatory Ice Level Day soundtrack, and it definitely kicks things off right! It”s a remix of Take the Snow Train, but it”s a different take on the song. This mix is just as cheerful, but much more calm. It makes me think of someone waking up to find out it”s been snowing all night and everything”s all sparkling and pretty. DCT did an amazing job on this, that”s for sure! Be sure to check out his website: sonicskillz.com! While you”re at it, why not follow his Twitter and subscribe to his Youtube channel? Get this guy”s name out there! DO IT! NOW! Like I said the other day, he helped promote by putting his mix onto OC Remix, so let”s return the favor, ok?

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Additionally, here”s some awesome OILD cheer! Doseianasan made this great custom Obligatory Ice Level for Super Mario World! DIG IT:

Thanks Doseianasan! YOU ROCK!

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