OILD – Glacial Rift

WOOHOO onwards and upwards and Obligatory Ice Levels! From the creepy depths of Silent Hill, to a gorgeous chilly mountain. Some of you may have not heard of this level, but the hardcore Sega fans out there will probably recognize it. It’s Glacial Rift, from Astal!

Astal was a one-shot game for the Sega Saturn, and it’s a wonder that Sega didn’t continue the story. This game takes place on Quartilia, a world the goddess Antowas created from a single jewel. Antowas also created two beings; Leda, a girl who could create life for the planet, and Astal, her protector. Astal tends to go overboard when trying to protect Leda, and he eventually tears Quartilia apart looking for her when she’s kidnapped. As punishment, Antowas sent Astal to the moon, but when Leda is captured again, he returns to the world to save her. And along the way, a cute little birdie shows up and refuses to leave him alone. Awww!

Like all the stages in Astal, Glacial Rift is quite pretty. You can tell Sega wanted to show off the Saturn’s graphical capabilities because you can see reflections in the icy floor and even translucent icicles in the foreground.  Snow piled onto the ledges in the background will fall on you, and the icy bridges fall when you try to walk on them. After this and another level, you fight a unique icy boss in a chapter called “Frostbite!” In this battle, the boss traps Astal in ice, and you have to control his bird friend in the fight to save him. Good work, cute birdie!

Yay Glacial Rift! Let’s move there sometime! You can find the high-res version of the wallpaper here!

Naturally we need some music here, right? Well let’s listen to Glacial Rift, from Astal! Such a pretty, ambient song, isn’t it? And while we’re celebrating Sega, let’s get a nice dose of Ice Scream and Ring Rink, from Ristar!

And a remix! Remember when I mentioned People of the North Pole from Final Fantasy 10 on the first day of OILD? Well, today’s remix is Rondo Sanctuary, again by the ever-rad Joshua Morse! This is such a bright, happy, easygoing mix of this song. If you love Final Fantasy, you’ll love this. Heck, you’ll love it even if you hate Final Fantasy! It’s also part of the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2010 soundtrack, so spread some love, download the album, and get everyone else to do the same! Don’t forget that Mr. Morse recently did the soundtrack to Spacius, and that you can preview it here and buy it here! That’d make a pretty awesome gift, don’t you think?

And while you’re spreading the love, tweet to Sega about how Astal’s in Obligatory Ice Level Day! I bet they’d like to hear about how they’re helping out with this silly fake holiday! Be sure to hop onto the OILD Facebook page too! And after you spread the cheer, tell us about it in the forums!

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