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Oh man, the Kingdom Hearts marathon is one day closer! I can’t wait! Let’s have another Obligatory Ice Level Day post until then, ok? Now, the last two updates were about fairly recent games, but now let’s go back… way back. It’s the Ice Age, from E.V.O.: The Search for Eden!

I wanted to do this level last year, but I couldn’t find a decent screenshot for it. Thankfully Toast stepped in and got this lovely shot for me! Aww, look at the cute little antler-rhino and the goofy archaeopteryx. SO CUTE! Anyway, this is a quirky, underrated game by Enix, before it merged with Squaresoft. In E.V.O., you play a being that journeys through different eras, evolving into new life forms in the process. By defeating your enemies, you earn points to spend on body parts, and before you know it you have some crazy mix-and-match beast on your hands. For example, that antler-rhino there.

The Ice Age level begins right after your creature escapes the extinction of the dinosaurs. A mother styracosaurus and her baby show up as ghosts (note: T_T ) and give you the power to evolve into a mammal. Being a mammal is pretty difficult at first. You start off as a mouse-like animal and have to pick off small prey before you can get some real firepower. You can get all sorts of weird body parts to match up, like rabbit ears, ram horns, cat fangs, pig hooves, and rhino skin. You also have the option of evolving into a human but pfft, that’s boring. You eventually have to take down an angry mammoth, and fight off a yeti (MORE YETIS REALLY?)… and then the yeti’s mate. You also meet a giant evil birdman, and have the option of fighting him or joining him. Fighting him is the only way to progress, but if you join him you get some weird ending that states the birdpeople went to live on the moon and their occasional visits to Earth are what inspired the Nazca Lines. Uh, yeah.

Yippie! Wallpaper! Showing just some of the weird animals you can come up with in E.V.O. And of course, the dinosaur ghosts T_T Get the wallpaper right here!

And now, music! The Ice Age doesn’t have any unique music, so here’s Northwall, an ice level from ActRaiser, another great Enix game. Also, TSG community member Kylethedarkn has made some music for a soon-to-be released game called Solinia Online! And one of those songs is for an ice level! Go ahead and listen to Ice Cavern, from Solinia Online!

And for the remix? It’s Conquering the North Wall, a Northwall remix by Amaranthine Skies! Actually, that month’s duel was “Fire vs. Ice,” so there are a lot of ice remixes there! Check it out!

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  1. I loved this game so much, I always went with bird, even though the bird is ridiculously weak (until you outfit it with T REX JAWS..at which point it just looks ridiculous). I can’t even beat this game anymore without cheats though.

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