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With the Kingdom Hearts marathon just a few days away, it’s time to bust out the big guns! Time to post about one of my favorite ice levels ever, from one of my favorite games ever! That’s right, it’s Kamui, from Okami!

Hooray Kamui! This level was actually suggested last year, but again I couldn’t find a decent shot of it despite the fact that I really wanted to include it. And now I can! YAY! Okami is the story of the sun goddess Amaterasu, who has taken the form of a wolf. When the evil eight-headed beast Orochi is reawakened, she too returns to Nippon to fight for humanity. The game has more Japanese mythology references than you shake a stick at, and it’s beautiful, engaging and FUN. If you haven’t played it yet, you need to.

After a long and frightful quest, Amaterasu eventually opens up a path to the north. It was said that all demons originated from the north, so naturally she has to go there. This place is Kamui, a land of harsh blizzards. It’s not an evil place though; here lives the Oina, a tribe that can shift between human and wolf forms. It’s also the home of the Poncles, inch-high beings who can communicate with the gods and excel at art. When Amaterasu visits the land, she finds out that the blizzards are unusually violent, and that twin demons are the ones responsible.  She also meets Oki, a brash Oina warrior who will stop at nothing to destroy the monsters. On her way to vanquish the demons, she frees Itegami, the ox Brush God of ice, who gives her the Blizzard brush ability. After destroying the monsters threatening Kamui, Amaterasu discovers the true source of the demons that have spread across Nippon…

GO AMMY GO! Amaterasu wields the powerful Tundra Beads as she explores the forests of Kamui. The full wallpaper is here!

And you know what else we have here? MUSIC! Northern Country Kamui is of course from Okami. But that’s not the only ice song from Okami! There’s also Wep’keer, the theme of the Oina village. Oki’s Theme plays when Oki shows up. Wakwu Shrine is a creepy song that plays when you enter the shrine on the way to the demons causing the blizzard. And The Twin Devils Lechku & Nechku’s Extermination plays during the subsequent boss fight.

And now, remixes! Unfortunately there aren’t any fan-made Okami ice level remixes out there yet, so let’s listen to some other nice Capcom ice remixes instead! Braincooler is an awesome remix of Chill Penguin from Mega Man X, by Rozovian! And Ice Mountain Symphony is a great remix of the Ice Forest from Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts, by McVaffe!

Don’t forget to tweet to Capcom about their games being in OILD! Like I said, they really helped out TSG during the Resident Evil marathon so they’ll definitely like this! Hey, tell Capcom Unity about this too! I can’t be the only one trying this. Help me out here, people!

So, who’s ready for the marathon? C’mon, speak up! And don’t forget to visit the OILD page on Facebook and the OILD thread in the forums! Let’s get some activity going, people! STEP IT UP! Spread the word like crazy! I WANT A BAJILLION COMMENTS HERE TELLING ME WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING TO MAKE EVERYONE’S LIVES A LITTLE BETTER! I NEED THIS. IT IS THE LIFEBLOOD.

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