OILD – Make a Snowman

Obligatory Ice Level Day is still going strong! Let’s get some momentum going, shall we? And what better way to illustrate that than today’s level? It’s (Make a) Snowman, from We Love Katamari!

We Love Katamari is of course the sequel to the quirky hit, Katamari Damacy. You have a big ball (or KATAMARI) and roll it around. Objects and even living things stick to the katamari, making it bigger and bigger. The bigger the katamari, the bigger the objects you can roll up! It’s a vicious cycle of crazy and adorable. We Love Katamari is kind of a meta take on the first game. This time around, the Prince of All Cosmos takes requests from fans and rolls up katamaris accordingly.

In this stage, a fan wants the Prince to roll up a head for a snowman. You start off with a small snowball, but by rolling up everything in the area, you eventually get a big enough noggin for the snowman. So, what exactly can you roll up? Random shapes, baseballs, penguins, speedskaters, huskies, Santa Claus, campfires(?!?!?!), trees, and of course, yetis. Yetis seem to show up a lot in ice levels for some reason, huh? You can also find the Prince’s cousins L’Amour and Lalala, the latter of which is sunbathing on the snow for some reason. Once you’ve made a big enough snowball, you can plop it right onto the body. If it’s big enough, the fan will love it and you’ll set a great record. ROOYYAALLL RAINBOOWWW!!

And naturally, today’s wallpaper! It has not only the Prince, but his cousins Dipp, Miki, Nik, and Marcy! The full version is here!

Oh, you want music? I got ya covered! Baby Universe is what plays in this stage, but it’s not an ice song per se. So here’s Paradise ~ Deep Mountain, from The Touhou Project: Perfect Cherry Blossom.

And you want remixes too? Well, I got those too! Here’s Icy Peaks, by Justus Johnston! It’s a remix of Paradise ~ Deep Mountain, and it’s utterly amazing. Check it out!

Hey! Why not tweet about Obligatory Ice Level Day to Namco? I bet they’d like to see Katamari Damacy in our little list! And continue to tip off Kotaku about the holiday! And hey, let’s let Giant Bomb know about OILD too! Might as well give it shot, you know?

And don’t forget about the OILD Facebook page notm and KatTheBard set up! There’s also the OILD thread PantaroP started in the forums! Spread the love of this silly fake holiday and then tell us all about it! For example, did you know Joshua Morse and DCT have some OILD mixes on OverClocked Remix RIGHT NOW? That’s right, OCR is spreading the word by having these remixes and mentioning the holiday in the descriptions! Check it out! Rondo Sanctuary and The Polar Express are both on there! GROOVY!

Also I’d like to link to the Twitters of the OILD 2010 soundtrack remixers! Here are DCT’s Twitter, Joshua Morse’s Twitter, and Select Start’s Twitter! And thus I issue this challenge to you: Get these folks as many fans as possible, and get those fans to follow their Twitters! Let’s see if we can get those numbers up, ok people?

2 thoughts on “OILD – Make a Snowman”

  1. I do love some Katamari. Still need to get this game!

    And now all I can think of is the snowman song from Cannibal the Musical. We could build it tall, or we could build it not so tall! Snowman!

  2. Hooray for a game that scares me to no end. Nice new picture Ana. I love the guy with the Ice Cream. And with you showing Katamari and Toast talking about Pokemon, hasn’t anyone noticed how #535 Otamaro looks similar to the head of a Katamario character. It always struck me as creepy. Anywho amazing work!

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