OILD – Misty’s Long Bony Road

Oh boy, the marathon’s almost here! We need to get in some last-minute promotion! Hurry, tell everyone you know about it! And while you’re at it, take a look at a rather weird, but rather awesome ice level. It’s Misty’s Long Bony Road, from World of Goo!

World of Goo is a creative and fun puzzle game. In it, you use different types of goo balls to build structures, with the ultimate goal of sending the wandering goo balls to a chute at the end of the level. It’s loads of fun and you can solve the puzzles however you want, so if you haven’t given it a go yet, try it out! I got it as a present earlier this year and I loved it to death.

Anyway, Misty’s Long Bony Road is technically from a snowy chapter in the game, and technically there’s snow in the level, though I admit the winter theme is just cosmetic. Regardless, it’s fun to see a wintery stage with a warm color scheme. That doesn’t happen very often! Anyway, the level starts your little goo army at the mouth of Misty, the zombie frog thing. The goal at the other end of the stage,  but there’s a problem; the floor is littered with spikes, and any bridge will collapse onto the spikes and crumble if you build it that far. The solution? SKULL GOO! The skull goo are laying around the spikes unharmed, and you can use them to prop up your bridge. You can even pull the skull goo off and reposition it however you want! You still need to be careful, but if you keep your cool, you can build a nice little bridge to the finish line.

OH HI MISTY! This isn’t exactly on-model, but hey, it’s my own interpretation. Like it anyway? Get the full version here!

And now, we got us some music! Misty’s Long Bony Road doesn’t have a unique song, so here’s a slew of Donkey Kong Country songs! Northern Hemispheres and Ice Cave Chant are from Donkey Kong Country, In a Snow-Bound Land is from Donkey Kong Country 2, and Frosty Frolics and Jangle Bells are from Donkey Kong Country 3!

And where would we be without remixes, am I right? Chekan Winter is a trance remix of Northen Hemispheres, by Prophecy! ChristmasCave is an adorable remix of Ice Cave Chant, and it’s be deim0s! Us Monkeys Together is a unique remix of In a Snow-Bound Land with Mandarin lyrics, and it’s by Palpable and diotrans! YAY PRIMATE-THEMED REMIXES!

Hey! Why not let 2D Boy (the creators of World of Goo) know their game was in OILD? Here’s their forum and here’s a contact form! But don’t spam them, ok?

Also don’t forget to download the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2009 soundtrack and the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2010 soundtrack! And keep checking back on the blog! I’m still making OILD posts even during the marathon!

And some nice mentions here! PK Gaming mentioned OILD recently in this post! Awesome! The Shoryuken forums also mention the event, particularly two tracks on the soundtrack! GREAT!

Tomorrow’s the marathon so be sure to TUNE IN! AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

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