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HOORAY HOORAY! It’s the start of Obligatory Ice Level Day! This is my gift to all of you for making this a great year for TSG! That said, here’s our first ice level. It’s the snowy town that kicks off an epic journey. It’s Narshe, from Final Fantasy 6!

It’s a fitting level for the beginning of OILD, don’t you think? It’s where you start in FF6, Square made Kingdom Hearts, so why not, you know? FF6 takes place in an age where magic has died out for the most part, paving the way for great technological wonders, such as indoor heating in this town. However, the oppressive Empire sought out magical beings known as Espers, so that they could harness their power. One such being was Tritoch, a dragon frozen in Narshe. By brainwashing a girl named Terra, they hoped to exploit Tritoch’s power for their use. However, Terra escaped and found a rash young thief treasure hunter named Locke. AND SO THE STORY BEGINS.

Narshe is interesting for being the FIRST town you visit in the game. Most games wait a while before introducing a snowy land, but Narshe is right there from the start. That isn’t to say you don’t return there later; after the world is destroyed, you can journey back there and explore the harsh mountainside nearby. You can also find Mog, a tough-as-nails Moogle who happens to live in the area. What’s more, with Mog’s help you can also recruit Umaro, a huge yeti. A yeti in the party? HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? This is also where you fight the Ice Dragon, one of eight dragons that can be defeated as an optional quest.

And here it is, our first official Obligatory Ice Level Day wallpaper! Want the full version? Get it HERE!

And now for some music! The Mines of Narshe is the song associated with the town. There’s also Umaro’s Theme, of course. But let’s not forget People of the North Pole, from Final Fantasy 10! It’s another great ice level tune.

And of course, some remixes! Umaro Uematsu is a remix of Umaro’s Theme by Quinn Fox, and it has an awesome intensity to it! There are also some mixes of People of the North Pole! Twilight of Ivory by Palpable is a nice techno mix that incorporates some cute piano, White Skies (club mix) by bLiNd is a lengthy trance-ish remix, and Journey’s End is a haunting vocal mix by GrayLightning, pixietricks, and sephfire.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Joshua Morse also has a wonderful People of the North Pole mix! It’s called Rondo Sanctuary and it’s on the OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY 2010 SOUNDTRACK! I’ll actually go into more detail about this mix later, but for now GET THAT SOUNDTRACK! AND TELL EVERYONE ELSE TO GET IT TOO! Also I’d like to point out that Joshua Morse has recently done the soundtrack to an awesome game called Spacius. You can preview it here and buy it here!

Want to spread the word about OILD? Tweet about Narshe kicking off the event to places like the Final Fantasy Series Twitter, or the FinalFantasy.com Twitter! And hey, any other sites or forums you can think of! Remember, this can lead everyone back to TSG’s site and thus to the marathon, so let’s bring more attention to the stream and to BestFriends.org!

UPDATE: notm and KatTheBard have created an Obligatory Ice Level Day page on Facebook! Join in and share any OILD fun! Also, PantaroP started an OILD thread on The Speed Gamers’ forums! Discuss Obligatory Ice Level fun with the TSG community!

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