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Ah, Obligatory Ice Level Day. A season of happiness, friendship, and love. Oh, what’s this? A town called “Silent Hill”? Well that sounds simply adorable! Let’s go to the Otherworld, from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories!

WAIT A MINUTE THAT’S NOT ADORABLE AT ALL!! Ok, so Silent Hill isn’t the lovely resort town it appears to be. The series revolves around this one city, a city that tends to take your deepest regrets and worst fears and twists them into world of personal torment. One minute you’ll be exploring a deserted and creepy town, the next minute you’re in a freaky distortion of reality. The main character is always different, but the concept more or less stays the same. Shattered Memories is actually a remake of the original Silent Hill… or rather, it’s more like a re-imagining. When Harry Mason gets into a car accident and loses track of his young daughter Cheryl, he wanders through the town–and into nightmares–just to find her.

One way that Shattered Memories differs from the original Silent Hill is the depiction of the “Otherworld”–the world Silent Hill turns into when it really wants to mess with you. In this game, the Otherworld is always frozen over. The streets and buildings are completely covered in ice, and in some cases the ice even distorts the architecture. There are a few puzzles in this weird dimension, usually found in rooms full of what appear to be ice sculptures of Silent Hill’s residents. But the biggest problem here is the legion of faceless, shrieking monsters that constantly latch onto Harry. Without any weapons, Harry’s only option is to run until the world reverts to “normal.” Doors and ledges outlined in shining blue ice lead him to safety, but how safe can you be in Silent Hill?

“Have you seen my daughter?” Poor Harry 🙁 If you want the full version, you can get it here.

Ah yes, music! Ice appears in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and has a haunting, creepy feel to it. It even samples stuff from Half-Life 2! But let’s get some more cheerful stuff in here too, yes? How about Don’t Freeze, from LaTale? Even if you’ve never played LaTale, this is worth checking out because this song rocks! Kind of reminds me really old Sega-era music.

And while we’re rockin’, here’s today’s remix! It’s Frost Byte, a remix of Don’t Freeze by Joshua Morse! This mix is excellent. It’s true to the dynamic nature of the source, but at the same time Mr. Morse adds his own distinct style to it. I can guarantee you’ll be singing along with this mix. Oh, and did I mention that this is on the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2010 soundtrack? WELL I’M MENTIONING IT NOW SO GO GET IT! AND TELL EVERYONE ELSE TO GET IT! Also, Mr. Morse wrote a soundtrack for a game called Spacius. And it’s for sale! YAY! Here’s a preview, and here’s where you can buy it!

Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, go tweet to Konami about how they have a few games featured on Obligatory Ice Level Day! And don’t forget to mention the marathon too 😀

Also here’s something interesting; remember that Obligatory Ice Level hack Doseianasan made? Well here’s a German kid playing through it in a blind run. Naturally have no idea what he’s saying, but still! You can hear him reading the text all “germangermangermanThe Speed GamersgermangermanObligatory Ice Level Daygermangermangerman.” Hehe, neat! I love international fans!

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    1. Yeah I usually try to not do that because it does remind me of “PIN number” etc, though when I do use it I justify it by remembering that technically, “TheSpeedGamers” is supposed to be written as one word.


  1. Oh and something to do with the OILD thing is that I kinda know one of the programmers who worked on SHSM. But I haven’t played it yet! But it is certainly an interesting idea for an OILD.

    Hey I just realized that basically all of Sprung takes place in a ski resort so if there are any days left that don’t have games for it you could do SPRUNG because OMGLOL and I totally worked on that piece of poo.

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