OILD – Shadow Moses Island

WHOOOH! Well that was a fun marathon, wasn’t it? I mean come on, we beat our goal at the last minute! I honestly thought that PayPal thing was going to kill us, but once again the community pulled through and saved the day! YOU PEOPLE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! THANK YOU SO MUCH! A fitting end to a year of great streams, I think. A lot changed in the past year, too. For example, we got a new commentator who does ridiculous Solid Snake impressions. That’s why today’s ice level was a no-brainer. It’s Shadow Moses Island, from Metal Gear Solid!

The Metal Gear series was created by American movie fan and notorious crazypants Hideo Kojima. His fascination with American action films lead him to direct a game about a U.S. soldier fighting off terrorists, but there was a problem with the production. See, at the time the MSX (the system Metal Gear was being developed for) couldn’t draw both the characters AND a lot of bullets they’d fired at the same time. Kojima resourcefully decided to make the game about not firing bullets, but rather to sneak around enemy territory. And thus the “stealth” genre was created! Metal Gear focuses on Solid Snake, a soldier who excels both at sneaking and combat. Usually his mission is to head into an enemy base and take down a giant walking robot tank known as a Metal Gear. But you see, that description sounds far too sane to be accurate. Metal Gear games also have insane story elements and nonsensical plot twists, including but not limited to: hiding in cardboard boxes, villains who specifically help you out because they somehow think that’s the best way to get you to fail the mission, a dude who shoots hornets at you, a helpful monkey, the video game itself trying to insult you, and POISONOUS KILLER HAMSTERS. Oh Kojima.

Most of the ice levels in OILD consist of one level or chapter, but all of Metal Gear Solid takes place on Shadow Moses Island. It’s a small island in Alaska that has a nuclear storage facility. When the mercenaries from FOX-HOUND go nuts, take over the facility, and start making absurd demands, Solid Snake is pulled out of retirement and sent to the island to stop them. A good portion of the game takes place inside the facility, so you’re not in the snow all the time. But when you are, it can affect gameplay. For example, if the guards see your tracks in the snow, they’ll ask “whose footprints are these?” and follow them to your hiding spot. Some of the battles against the FOX-HOUND soldiers also take place in the cold. The fight against Vulcan Raven in his huge tank is in the snow, as is the sniping battle against Sniper Wolf. The rematch against Vulcan Raven is not only in Alaska, but inside a freezer. ICE LEVELS WITHIN ICE LEVELS! IT’S AN ICE LEVEL FRACTAL! Anyway, MGS is a great game, so you should try it out if you’ve been avoiding it all these years.

“Whose footprints are these?” I chose to Spielberg his gun away so BestFriends.org wouldn’t worry about the violence. Hey, I’m fine with that! Working with a charity is ok by me. Anyway, the full wallpaper is HERE if you want it!

And now some awesome music! The original Metal Gear Solid had only one boss theme, but the remake MGS: The Twin Snakes introduced specific battle themes for each member of FOX-HOUND. Snake vs. Shaman is the theme for the Vulcan Raven battle, and Assassin vs. Saladin is the theme for the Sniper Wolf battle.

Awesome remix too of course! Black Ice is a RAWKIN’ remix of Chill Penguin’s theme from Mega Man X, and it’s by norg! This was also part of the Dwelling of Duels’ “Fire vs. Ice” month, so check out the other great ice tunes there too!

Getting ever closer to the 25th! I’m not worn out yet! I could do this forever! GRRR STROOOONG! And thanks again for helping with the marathon, everyone!

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