OILD – Shiver Region

Ah, tomorrow’s Obligatory Ice Eve. It’ll be nice, won’t it? I’m not letting up, though! Today’s a big one. It’s a whole chapter. It’s full of… DOT EYES. It’s the Shiver Region, from Paper Mario!

AWWW! Paper Mario was the first Mario RPG developed by Nintendo. They wanted to achieve a unique look, so every character was a flat sprite in a 3-D world, making them look like paper. In this game, Bowser’s stolen the Star Wand, a magical device that grants the wishes of its holder. What’s more, he trapped the seven Star Spirits all over the world AND stolen Princess Peach’s castle, Carmen San Diego-style. Mario sets out to stop him, but not without the help of several monstrous pals.

The Shiver Region appears in the 7th chapter. At this point Mario’s gathered all the allies he can, so it’s just a matter of getting through the snowy land and finding a way into Bowser’s castle. He first arrives in Shiver City, home to a bunch of squishy, fuzzy, dot-eyed penguins. HOORAY! However, when the penguin mayor appears to be dead, everyone in town blames Mario. He solves the mystery (he’s not dead, he’s just sleepin’!… NO REALLY!) and heads past the Snow Road. After a terrifying, mind-scarring battle against the most horrific monster ever, he goes to Starborn Valley, home to baby wish-granting stars. After that it’s up to Shiver Mountain, home of monsters like the Frost Piranha species of Piranha Plant, shape-shifting Duplighosts, and WHITE CLUBBAS. Clubbas are actually bigger versions of Spikes from previous Mario games, and as I’ve said before Spikes are adorable. ERGO WHITE CLUBBAS ARE ALSO ADORABLE. That leads to a frozen palace, which in turn leads to a battle against the evil Crystal King. After his defeat, Mario releases the last captured Star Spirit and can finally battle Bowser himself.

I TOLD YOU WHITE CLUBBAS WERE ADORABLE! Anyway, the full wallpaper is here!

Do you want music? Because today there is a TON of music! Cold Reception in Shiver City plays when you first reach Shiver City in Paper Mario! Snow Road of course plays when you’re on the snowy road outside of town. Starborn Valley Trail plays near the home of the baby stars. Over Shiver Mountain plays when you’re dodging adorable Frost Piranhas. Crystal Palace Crawl plays in the Crystal King’s lair. And finally, Freeze! plays during the battle against the Crystal King himself. The Mario series has had quite a few ice levels, so here’s Frappe Snowland, from Mario Kart 64!

And yeah, we got quite a few remixes too! Frappe Snowland remixes, to be precise! Party in the Snowland is by Darkesword! Rainbow Snowland is by Dhsu! Holiday Frappe is by Tweek! And Frappe Cafe Vibe is by our friend and hero JOSHUA MORSE. OH YEAH, YOU NEED MORE JOSHUA MORSE IN YOUR LIFE.

Tomorrow’s Obligatory Ice Eve! And yeah, I’ve got a pretty special ice level planned for it. Hope you all have a nice one!

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