OILD – Snowman

Ah, peaceful Obligatory Ice Level Eve. Hopefully you’re having fun! Are you eager to open your presents? Me, I’m fine just spreading the joy with a special ice level. This one goes out to all those wonderful, entertaining, creative, and generous folks over at Starmen.net and Fangamer! It’s Snowman, from Mother!

Ah, Mother. What an awesomely groundbreaking game. Earthbound’s become a cult classic, but some people don’t realize that it’s actually a sequel, and it’s titled “Mother 2” in Japan. Mother was a Famicom game designed by famous copywriter Shigesato Itoi. While most RPGs at the time focused on knights, swords, dragons, and other high fantasy elements, Mother was based on a cartoony reimagining of America, and had angry inanimate objects, psychic children, and baseball bats as weapons. The story focused on Ninten, a boy whose grandparents mysteriously disappeared years ago. He is granted the ability to use PSI, a form of psychic energy, and is transported to a realm called Magicant. There he meets Mary, queen of Magicant, who asks you to find the “Eight Melodies” back on Earth. The planet is in great danger, and piecing together this song might be the only way to save it. It’s a very touching story, but remember: no crying until the end!

Ninten and his friend Loid reach the town of Snowman after taking a nice little train ride. The town is very cold and snowy, and it’s home to some violent fauna such as Silver Wolves and Polar Bears. The town itself is rather small, and the few people there have colds. The people are also talking about a house called the “Chateau of Snowman,” and how it’s home to a special little girl. When Ninten and Loid get there, she reveals her name is Ana. Ninten gives her a hat that she lost, and she tells him that he appeared in a dream of hers and that she wants to find her missing mother. Ana already has rather developed PSI ability, making her very important to the group.

Today’s wallpaper! I wanted to draw the party in warm clothes SO THAT’S WHAT I DID WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?? Anyway, the full version is here!

I think you know what music we’re going to listen to today. See, Snowman’s theme is actually heard throughout the Mother series! Here’s the version of Snowman heard in Mother. And here’s Snowman from Mother 2/Earthbound! And Snowman from Mother 3! There’s even a version in Super Smash Brothers Brawl! Here’s Snowman from Brawl!

And some remixes of this lovely song? You bet! Here’s Snowbound, by bLiNd! And Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Scientist Boy by Adhesive_Boy!

Aww, but I feel I should do more. I mean, this is such a sweet time for love and unity, so we need another pretty, sweet song, don’t you think? Here’s Dreams, Dreams (sweet snow), from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Dreams, Dreams is the theme of NiGHTS, but this is a particularly wintery version of the song. And yeah, there’s a lovely remix of this theme. It’s MerryLittleChristmas by Dale North, and it’s rather pretty.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a nice little holiday, no matter where you are. Tomorrow’s the big day, and I have a nice ice level planned. Hope you all stay safe and happy!

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