OILD – Winterspring

So, you all have been spreading the word, right? Because the marathon’s getting close and we need all the help we can get for BestFriends.org! You know, the Mario marathon brought in a lot of extra viewers, thanks in no small part to MMO Champion and a legion of friendly and awesome World of Warcraft geeks. So in honor of you noble nerds, I bring you Winterspring, from World of Warcraft!

Does World of Warcraft even need an introduction? It’s just the biggest online RPG ever. It’s based on the old Warcraft series of strategy games, and as someone who played a ton of Warcraft II as a kid, I can certainly see the appeal. Pick a race from the Alliance or the Horde, choose a class for your character, and get to raidin’ on some monsters!

As you’d expect, Winterspring is always covered in snow. And as you’d expect, it’s covered in monsters too. Blue dragonflights call this place home, as do the fierce frostsaber cats. Oh, and of course, there are YETIS. Because there are yetis everywhere this year. The trees here are twisted and warped, thanks to an enormous war known as the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Night Elves have also set up bases here, as have Goblins.  Oh yeah, and if you take on a certain quest, you can tame one of those giant frostsaber kitties. Now where’s the update that makes them my pets in real life?? Also, thanks to Lira for getting me this awesome Winterspring screenshot!

This is Dmitrey, Lira’s Tauren character. Why’s he in a dress? The better question is WHY AREN’T MORE BOVINES IN DRESSES? Anyway, the full wallpaper is here!

So yeah, music! Winterspring is the music it plays in this area in WoW. And the Cataclysm version of Winterspring! And for totally no reason, Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime!

And our remix! It’s Just A Little More (Prime Edit), a remix of the Phendrana Drifts Deep Lake Area, by Darkesword! It’s a really fun mix, so pick it up, won’t you? And yes, I must mention to pick up the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2009 Soundtrack and the Obligatory Ice Level Day 2010 Soundtrack. Because all of you need it all the time forever.

Also don’t forget to tweet to Blizzard about Winterspring being in OILD! Let’s let them know they’ve unwittingly joined a fake nerd holiday designed to raise awareness for charity!

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