Playstation Phone Footage Leaked

If the Playstation Phone hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, this just about does it. Yesterday, a two minute Youtube video showing off footage for the phone was leaked. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t have any sound, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

The device is reportedly code-named the “Zeus Z1,”and is shown to be running the next incremental update to Google’s Android operating system, v2.3 (“Gingerbread”). All kinds of currently-available Google applications — including Maps and YouTube — are installed on the phone, along with an app simply named “PlayStation.”

It’s not exactly thin (in fact, it looks to be quite bulky) but it will most likely be able to play both PSP and Android games, so it’s not like the expectations that it would be really thin were that high anyway.

You can check out the footage after the jump.

(Source: Destructoid)

13 thoughts on “Playstation Phone Footage Leaked”

    1. I will be happy to oblige you once it’s announced and I know that I will not be supporting it through my dayjob. If it’s coming to the provider for whom I work, it will be the best thing ever. I am a company man after all.

    1. For me its the fact that it’s both of them in one. When I’m sitting around the hangar waiting for work to be assigned to me, I can play games on my phone with no problem. However, if I whipped out my PSP, I’m sure the supervisors would have something to say about it.

      In addition to that, there’s the fact that this will be the only Android phone with a d-pad, 4 regular buttons, and 2 shoulder buttons (I know you can ‘simulate’ that with a keyboard like the droid 1 and 2 have, but it is no where near the same) which will make a lot of games I play on my droid a whole lot easier to actually control.

      When you add into the mix that my contract is up in 10 days and that since this is also an Android phone that all my purchased apps will be freely available to me on it, then it makes it a fairly easy decision for me to buy one. Not to mention that I’d probably be able to sell my current droid and come close to, if not, breaking even.

  1. I find this neat because it would get around the whole “d-pad and buttons on the touch screen” problem some iPhone games have. Depends on the price and the carriers, though, but I find it neat. I think that they have said it will not play PSP games, though, which is a dumb move in my opinion.

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