Pokemon “Realistic” Artwork

Pokemon are such cute and cuddly creatures, right?  WRONG.  Well, at least in the eyes of a talented online artist by the name of Yoshio.  His realistic representation of Pokemon in a more “world-like” manner is both amazing and terrifying.  Steelix [one of my previous favorite pokemon] has now become a great means of terrifying nightmares.

Enjoy after the jump!

Source: PaulGaleNetwork

5 thoughts on “Pokemon “Realistic” Artwork”

  1. These are all awesome. Stelix is a huge improvement, in fact I wished it really did it look like that. Nidoking does look a little silly, but I woudln’t want to tell that to it’s face, or shin as that is as far as I could reach compared to it. Lol at pikachu’s derpyness. Also mewtwo is the most unchanged, which I like.

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