Resistance 3 Trailer Revealed At The VGA’s

Civilization has fallen completely and is ruled by the Chimera. It looks to be very Post-Apoctalytic. The game will continue it’s nack for wierd and interesting weapons while also introducing Humanity as a threat. Expect the game September 6th 2011.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

One thought on “Resistance 3 Trailer Revealed At The VGA’s”

  1. =O
    I loved the first game, but i didnt get it(nor did i get my PS3) until a few months before the 2nd one, and i never played in online…i could hardly beat the campaign on my own… =p

    good memories with my neighbor going through that game…i scared the heck out of me… xD

    Resistance 2, like the first one, i could never beat on the hardest difficulty, but is was easier(even though i died a thousand times xD).

    i did play the online multiplayer on it, and i was pretty goodin the field of 30v30, usually being in the top 5 with kills…

    i havnt played any of them for quite some time…..i think i will this comming break..

    anywho, on topic now…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! i swear i would have never heard about it if it wasnt for you(or someone posting it on the forums xD)! seriously, i love the resistance games, and i cannot wait for this to come out! >=3

    i just now noticed how long this comment is… xD

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