Rumor: GameStop Taking 3DS Preorders

When the internet speaks, it must be right! Hence why I mark this as a rumor, as the source is NeoGaf. But if you trust the interwebs, you may want to take a nice stroll over to your GameStop sometime soon.

GameStops all around seem to be accepting preorders on 3DS, as long as you put down $50. If a store tells you they are unable to set a preorder, you can try to kindly convince them to put in the SKU number “020132”, which should let you preorder the handheld at any GameStop location.

Currently, we don’t know the full launch details for Nintendo 3DS in North America or Europe, but we are set to find out January 19th! So if you plan on picking the platform up no matter what, try putting a preorder down soon. If you’re still waiting for some more info, wait until January 19th.

(Via: Engadget)

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